Who are we and what is Freemasonary?

We are a London Lodge that meets four (4) times a year at Royal National Hotel, 38 - 51 Bedford Way, Russell Square WC1H 0DH Our regular lodge meetings are on:

  • 4th Tuesday in February (Installation)
  • 1st Thursday in April
  • 4th Wednesday in June
  • 2nd Thursday in December

We have a Chapter as well and meet 3 times a year (2 of the meetings precede the craft meeting):

  • 1st Thursday in April
  • 4th Wednesday September (Installation)
  • 2nd Thursday in SDecember

If we you wish to atatend our Craft or Chapter meeting please contact us at secretary@urbanlodge1196.org.

What is Freemasonry?

  • Freemasonry is one of the largest fraternal organisations in the world, with 6 million members worldwide and 200,000+ in the UK. While it originates from medieval trade guilds, modern Freemasonry was founded 300 years ago in the Enlightenment era, with a view to bridge the differences between men, and encourage good men to be the best they can be.